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Abbie Stewart

Hey there...

...I'm a photographer, filmmaker and lover of travel.

As someone who has read many blogs, books and seen a lot of instagram posts and websites, I have never thought I could possibly make my own. However, I built up quite a portfolio of images whilst travelling around SE Asia and nervously wrote a sort of journal to keep my mind busy and active.

I felt that combining them both together was a way to re-live my amazing 4-months, with a bonus of being able to share some idea of what it can be like with lessons I learned along the way. I like to think my approach is well-spoken with a hint of that classic dry-British-humour we all secretly love...

It also allowed me to trail through my copious amounts of photographs taken, use them narratively and share them with you to enjoy and maybe be inspired to take your own or go see it for yourself!

Much Love, Abbie


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